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British Columbia, Canada

Credit - Lexis Lane Photography

Dark-pop and dance entangle in ‘Powerless’, the latest single from Darrian Gerard. The track bleeds funk through cracks in its Neo-punk exterior. Think night club, deep in L.A., with music curated by a DJ at the top of his game. A diverse sound that is refreshing to hear within this niche. Darrian Gerard plays with silence, layers and pace in this single, creating a sound that makes it stand apart from the crowd as it builds to a ballad level of volume and harmony.

The song begins, with bass. 80s vibes full of oomph. They cascade through the night with purpose and alight on high points as they sculpt the melody from the ether. The pace picks up, a bass drum kicks out 4/4 and the chase is on. The vocals join in with sub-bass to flank from both high and low. They harmonise with an echo as the cymbals crisp up the track to keep you involved, the pressure keeps on mounting. The build is slow and it works in this case, as sections of the drum track are opened up to us piece by piece resulting in a complete back end. When the drop comes it's big, full of electric guitars, vocal harmonies and a sweet crash that rounds the sound out perfectly.

Pure and simple dark-pop done right, ‘Powerless’ by Darrian Gerard is sure to please anyone who loves to move to a big beefy beat. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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