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Barcelona, Spain

‘Amen’ by Davy Lyons pulled at my heart. It is a song that is virtuous and spiritual. As its name suggests, the song feels like a prayer to the world and it is a prayer that we can all join in with. The song features strings that flow like the wind and stop and start as if they are alive, a guitar that plucks at its strings in deliberate melodies and a vocal sound that is unique amongst even the indie scene. Davy Lyons shows us a deep connection to his art, the music feels like a second breath. It comes naturally and it shows. ‘Amen’ is not only a wonderfully written song, but it is also profoundly human.

The song starts with a delicate balance between strings. Some are being plucked the others are brought to life through bowing. Then come the vocals that shine upon grassy fields alongside chimes and piano tones that hang in the air like a springtime fog. The percussion is minimal and starts with simple shakers. The song doesn’t need any more than it is given. It thrives as a singular entity, a warm collection of sounds that simply exist to surround the soothing tones of Davy Lyons. The song builds as it progresses adding textures and percussive pulses. The chorus feels like a deep breath, it is euphoric.

For a song that will get you chilled out and thinking, look no further. A brilliant single from a songwriter who is far from finished impressing us. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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