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Dawn Boudreau's 'Every Winding Mile': A Profoundly Moving Folk-Pop Single Overflowing with Emotional

‘Every Winding Mile’ is the latest single from Dawn Boudreau and it is a flying, spinning tale of wonder. The lights in the background of this song are purple and gold. They shed light against the back wall and it rebounds into the heart of your ears. It has that folk charm, that flowing and rolling sound comes from the strings in the mids and the bass down below. It rises to any occasion in glorious form and you are never without the support of the vocal. It flies up and away above you, receding into the clouds with a truly brilliant gust of flamboyant vocal work. The resulting song is one I can’t turn away from, it has me completely in its grasp.

Dawn Boudreau has poured everything into this single and you can feel that. You can feel the heart in the verse rising to the peak of the chorus and its brilliant harmonies. It’s pop, it’s folk, it’s everything in-between. When the words finally puncture your skin, you realise that you were holding in all of the same emotions. There is a connection that forms between you and Dawn Boudreau when you listen to her music and it is a profound connection, one that I hope lasts a very long time indeed. Smashing!



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