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DELTAWELLE - Normalitätsvermessung



Leipzig, Germany

Credit - Bob Sala

Synth rock has never sounded so otherworldly. Mixing experimental sounds with post-rock construction and funk themes, Deltawelle’s latest single, ‘Normalitätsvermessung,’ explodes in euphoric colours and cascades down midnight cement steps, seeping into dance clubs along the neon strip. It's electronic with an attitude, future-punk, neo-wiseguy. The chorus is uplifting and the instrumental dips and dives along the way, making for an extremely varied track that could have you lost in your own room for hours. The vocals shine, layered and powerful, they burst from the eclectic backing and into your face, the melody is strong and the vocal hook will have you chanting in no time.

Sometimes music can be lost in translation. The importance is placed on the lyrics and not on the melodies and rhythms. German Deltawelle, do not suffer from this affliction. Their sound transcends borders. Whether you speak German or not, this song has a million and one sounds to offer, and it's tantalising.



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