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Denni Ian's 'Here, In Absence': A Haunting Symphony of Poetry and Raw Emotion

Denni Ian’s enchanting new single, ‘Here, In Absence,’ is a wonderful display of songcraft and poetic lyrical work. With a backing that heightens those darker emotions — slow guitar strumming over soft drums, bass in the low end humming with abandon — the song begins to crawl its way towards you, with chords that lap like waves on your skin. The two-part vocals shoot up your spine and into the depths of you, setting this single apart from anything else in the space. Humble, conversational and full of soul, these vocals shed light on the story at the heart of the track — and it is a harrowing one.

‘Here, In Absence’ aims to capture not only your mind … but your heart, your innermost self. It throws imagery at you from every angle: flowing fields, dismantled gallows, soldiers fallen, hearts broken. It aims to connect and if you ask me, it absolutely does. This song touched me, it connects on a deeper level than most. Aided by its splendidly performed instrumental, this single transcends indie music and has become poetry. It’s completely captivating and I was hooked from the get-go. Denni Ian is trying new things, pushing into new ground and living their life on no man's land. It’s bold, it’s certainly crazy — but it works, and when it works it works like a dream. Brilliant from start to finish. I held my breath the entire way.



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