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Derek Lee Goodreid's 'Lost & Alone Again' - A Spellbinding and Emotionally Charged Masterpiece

Sometimes a song catches that part of your heart; makes you feel the way the songwriter feels. Derek Lee Goodreid’s ‘Lost & Alone Again’ does exactly that. The song builds on fingerpicked acoustic guitar, its wooden tones and the song it sings on its lonesome. But the track doesn’t stop there. Soon, lyrics begin to form overhead. The grit, the funk, the power coming from those emotionally charged lines is staggering. The presence of the vocal, the foundation of the guitar. It’s all you can do to keep breathing as the song takes your breath away.

‘Lost & Alone Again’ is riveting in its complexity yet accessible in its simplicity. The composition is little more than two parts, guitar and vocals. But what they do together, the way they dance through the sound waves, the way they glide over perceived percussion and land at a melody is truly magical to listen to. Derek Lee Goodreid has written a fantastic track that pulses with emotion. Spellbinding.


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