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Despite the Wane Releases New Album "Beyond that Wall" - A Journey into the Depths of Alternative Rock

Dive into the depths of alternative rock with Despite the Wane's new album "Beyond that Wall," featuring the masterful guitar work of Max Dury and the evocative vocals of Mir Kollins.

Despite the Wane, an innovative rock band from Rome, has unveiled their latest album, "Beyond that Wall." Comprised of ten compelling tracks, the album showcases the band's ability to forge captivating melodies and deep, resonant refrains within a rock framework that is both clear and compelling.

Frontman Mir Kollins not only lends his passionate vocals but also plays the piano and keyboards, contributing significantly to the band's layered soundscape. Solo guitarist Max Dury's exceptional skills shine throughout the album, particularly in his solo segments that punctuate the band's dynamic sound.

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The album represents a culmination of years spent honing their craft, drawing from a wide array of influences including the British New Wave, progressive rock, and electronic music, creating a rich tapestry of sound that is both modern and reminiscent of the past. This release is sure to resonate with fans of deep, introspective music, delivering a powerful listening experience that reflects the band's matured artistic vision and technical prowess.

Now, let's focus on the current single from the album "Beyond That Wall". Hypnotic guitar riffs enter the space early on and so do the vocals. There's an interesting dark wave sound that exudes from the vocals. The drumming comes in later in the piece as it transitions away from grungy tones and into clearer alt-rock soundscapes. The lead riffs lift the track into an action packed composition that is full of energy. Everything quietens slightly in the verses but it still holds its energy throughout. "Beyond That Wall" offers an interesting freeform for all to get lost in amongst the clean riffs and energetic drumming.

Things get better as things move along, offering the perfect mix of structured tones and rock experimentalism. The fade out eases you out of the piece perfectly in time for the ending.

Genres: Alternative Rock, Dark Wave, New Wave, Post-Punk

Mood: Epic, Nostalgic, Emotive, Dramatic

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