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Dirty Mitts' 'You Better Run! (Villains Theme)' is an Exhilarating Rock Powerhouse

Yano the kind of rock that makes you want to run with the bulls, jump head first off a cliff and pull your parachute right at the last moment? The kind of rock that really gets your blood pumping? We all love that rock every once in a while. It wakes up the soul, and Dirty Mitts are here to do just that. Their single, ‘You Better Run! (Villains Theme)’ is a rock track that will keep you wide awake through the wildest nights. Its sound hails from the 00s but with a twist of citrus from today. When that guitar gets riffing, those drums start pounding and that bass gets rolling — there’s no way any rock vocalist could ever resist.

The power in the vocals of ‘You Better Run!’ is astounding. Hailing back to those powerful 90s days with some added flare from the 80s, the Vox push the song higher and higher until the band are battling angels, smashing harps over hallowed heads. The single pulses with hero energy and the whole thing really feels like a clash of the titans. Only rockier; so cooler, in every possible way. Dirty Mitts have smashed this song out of the park. It’s wild, free, and full of the best rock tones I have heard in a long time. Goosebumps, goosebumps.


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