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Honest Kid

Budapest, Hungary

Credit - Zsofi Sivak

Dirty Slippers are pushing into the indie rock scene, and they are making ground. Their latest single, ‘Honest kid,’ is a powerful and emotional track that takes sounds from folk and country and weaves them into a rock song that could hold its own on a world stage. It's bright, engulfing. The beat hits you first, with strings sighing in the front. The vocals form a safety blanket over your shoulders, moving you through the beat, searching for the melody. When you find it the song bursts open with passion, colour, and rhythm. The chorus hooks you, you’re tapping along to the joint vocal and their wondrous harmonies. Then the strings play once more, they are at home now; the song collides with its past self and becomes whole.

‘Honest kid’ is a straight-up fantastic rock song. But it goes deeper. Its lyrics, its harmonies and its composition are stalwart and tantalising. Taking Dirty Slippers’ latest single from fantastic, to awe-inspiring. A must listen.



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