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Distorise's "Flow of Time" Explores the Dark Future through Emotionally Charged Electronic Sounds

‘Flow of Time’ is a single from Distorise that pictures the dark future through synthetic sounds and fast percussive hits. It’s a fantastic single and showcases just how music can deliver a pace, a motion. The song feels fast, like it’s hurtling between skyscrapers at 500 miles per hour, banking for corners and boosting down straights. Below is a gritty underbelly of cyber, found only in sci-fi novels and dark future movies. The feeling is captured beautifully here. This disconnect between us and the future that we are creating and more importantly, how fast that future is approaching. Who knows, it may already be here.

Distorise has accomplished something many who aim to make electronic instrumental music fail to do. There is feeling in the work. The song has an emotion to it, it breathes. It falls up and down as we do as we listen to it. ‘Flow of Time’ pushes dark electronica into overdrive and lets us come along for the ride.



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