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Mason County Line

Irvington, United States

Credit - Jason Velez

An American country love song never goes down bad. Divining Rod has honoured us with their single, ‘Mason County Line’, a song that grows as it goes as love sweetens as it sews. The tones, textures and downright beautiful vocals that live within the lines of this song deserve your attention. If you're a fan of country, rock, bluegrass or really, any good music, then Divining Rod has you covered. I don't think I will ever get enough country love songs, adding this one to the ever-growing list just brightens up my day.

The song opens small. It's fragile, the vocals take centre stage and they're proud. They hit the ceiling as the instrumental sits far below. It's the beggings, puppy love. When the instrumental kicks in the sound matures, as does the relationship, the connection. Great guitar playing mixed with lyrics that bite and vocals that belt is a surefire hit with any music lover. The drums and bass in the chorus get those toes tapping, if you're a dancer or not, you just can't help but move to these uptime beats. When the whole thing comes crashing down you feel it too. The quiet laughter, looking into those special eyes of those closest to you, that embrace that happens on a spiritual level. Then it's gone.

‘Mason County Line’ is great country blues, it's done right and it's done with a heaping spoonful of heart. Divining Rod will need no further introduction, their sound will do it for them. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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