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Strawberry Head

Cleveland, OH, United States

Credits - @atterormusical / @laurarodiophotos1

For a track to have you hooked for the first guitar strum, you know it will be a good one! Well, that’s what I experienced with Dominic Rodio and their latest track ‘Strawberry Head’. This Cleveland, OH artist has provided us with an ever-changing tempo this track will put you on your toes and keep you there. Featuring an explosive entrance Dominic Rodio sets you up for what's to come by quickly switching to a calmer more mellow section as the vocals come in, providing us with super catchy lyrics covering the typical teen angst-style topics. This explosion followed by the mellow rotation continues throughout the track. Utilising a switch between a 6/4-time signature and a 4/4-time signature this track could provide you with a little whiplash but does provide a gorgeous progressive punk feel to it!

From the make-up of this piece, it could be fitting to say it fits in perfectly with the likes of Green Day and New found glory, leading me to believe this is a track for the experienced, classical genre listener. Dominic Rodio has gone ahead and formed something epic, filled with nostalgia, but with a beautiful modern twist that needs to be listened to multiple times to be able to fully claim to have heard every aspect of what it has to offer.


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