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Baltimore, MD, United States

Dorian excites us with his latest EP release '33' - a collection of acapella's and remixes of three of his title releases. Now, we've been keeping an eye on Dorian since the start of our blog, watching his videos and reviewing several of his tracks. He's an artist who just keeps giving and we keep on taking! With over 500,000 digital streams across streaming services to a global audience with his critically acclaimed album 'Dream World Pt. 2: The Arrival' it's not difficult to grasp why Dorian always captures our attention over at TJPL NEWS.

'33' however, marks a new chapter and shows the growth and transition of this rising star in the form of three diverse tracks with multiple genres packed in for good measure So, let's get into the soul of each.

Do Ya - Extended Dance Mix

Bubbles of bass, a dominant kick, the scatters of trap beat percussion, the 80s inspired key synths - growing yet haunting emerging backing vocals to the futuristic autotuned vocal this song lives somewhere in between the past and the future, the present? This fun Dance Record merges haunting undertones with a splash of the 80s. I think that the way that the vocals are executed makes all of the difference to this song - there's an air of haunted consciousness which overrides everything else - a confusing yet distinct opening to the project.

The track makes a swift split like a knife through a cake - moving towards a house vibe with a soulful vocal twist. This is reminiscent of the soulful electronic music of the 80s which I love hearing within this piece!

Do Ya - A capella

I love the way that Dorian has included acapella versions within this project. This allows listeners to sit with the vocals and really listen to the lyrical content to appreciate his storytelling abilities. This also works wonders for DJs who are looking to create further remixes of the production! A clever move from Dorian.

Blast Off

Now we move into R&Drill - declining 808s and trap loops always tick boxes for me! This song is interesting, the song doesn't take a dark line of lyrics or talk of the streets rather it addresses a soulful and uplifting message that is packed with soulful vocals. I love hearing unique takes on genres and Dorian has done this brilliantly here.

The overall vibe of the piece is soulful boyband - think JLS but one man! I could listen to Blast Off on repeat for the rest of the day but we have more songs to go through from the man himself!

Blast Off - A capella

Again, we're gifted with the acapella version of Dorian's release. There isn't any deviation from his structure or vocals but there is a purpose and a lot to take from this version. Listeners are able to not only get a front-row seat to the lyrical value but also get to hear the layers to those vocals - the mixing and layering techniques that are understated within the original production.

Notice Me

What a gorgeous song 'Notice Me' is! This alternative R&B/pop track is TJPL NEWS Certified Radio Ready. The softness of the guitar offers a dreamy pop potential, the afrobeat percussion lifts the song to another level and when combined with the swaying backing vocals, the trap soul samples and the lead vocal it becomes undeniable that this song is ready for the world to hear. I love the way that the hook acts as a chant - we're always told to look for a larger-than-life hook - but the simplicity within this one stands out as something special for the exact opposite reason. 'Notice Me' is my top pick from this project for all of these reasons.

Notice Me - A capella

Again, we are blessed with the acapella version - I found myself experimenting with a duet here. I just love the stripped-back feel, the way that listeners are able to see both sides to Dorian both as an artist and as a writer.

Reign Love - A capella

'Reign Love' is a standalone acapella that brings '33' to an end. I like that there are more acapella pieces on this project than full productions - it's intriguing. I wonder why this has been done? Either way, it's certainly unusual and stands out for all of the right reasons. Without the full production, it's difficult to appreciate the full extent of this version but as a standalone piece, I think there are a lot of producers, labels and fans that will flood Dorian with their ideas!


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