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Drums Of War (feat. Bravo Bonez) by learningtodive Unleashes a Cinematic and Powerful Sound

‘Drums Of War (feat. Bravo Bonez)’ is a cinematic and expansive single that makes use of modern production to push a hard sound through an emotive filter. Brought to us by learningtodive, the song builds as it plays. First, the bass hits you under sharp percussion. It's in the deep, growling. Vibrations reach us on the surface and we can feel the melody in our bones. Soon the vocals begin to sing overtop. They keep their cool, grabbing the centre melody and keeping it straight and narrow as the instrumental expands. Orchestral sighs, vocal harmonies glow and fly. The beat carries on through it all.

‘Drums Of War (feat. Bravo Bonez)’ is aptly named. The song gives off that presence, like a war drum, riling up an army and getting ready to siege. The pace of the song is unstoppable. It makes its way toward you with giant bassy steps. An impactful and mammoth single from learningtodive.



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