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Still Dreaming

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Alyssa Mello

Dunebug are a chillwave band whose latest single, ‘Still Dreaming’ will knock you off of your feet. The dissonant guitar chords and unique vocals combine with melody-rich bass and tight drums to deliver a track that is truly bouncing.

The standout feature of Dunebug in ‘Still Dreaming’ is how the vocals play with the rest of the instrumental. - FREDDIE MCKEE

A lot of chillwave rock and blues can be lost in making vocals too mumbly or go to the other extreme and have a rock-type tone blare out over the top of the music, drowning its subtleties. Needless to say, Dunebug have found their sound and have nailed it. The conversational vocal mixes so well with the textures of bass, ringing of guitar and chipper drums. It is simply, a great time.

The song starts out with that guitar that opens the door for the bass and drums to come in. They come in deep which is a great contrast to the highs of the guitar and creates a channel between high and low end for the vocals which comfortably live in the mids. It's simple and effective and it works like a charm. The verses are playful, the chorus is bigger, bolder and sticks in your head like toffee in your teeth and when it's all over, you’ll just play it again and again. ‘Still Dreaming’ is mystical and I hope the fairytale continues for Dunebug, because if it does we are certain to get more great tunes.

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