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Red Leaves

Modena-Marsiliana, Italy

Credit - Olga Dischi Volanti-Barbara Rosi

Ede and B. B’s collaboration project concerns the exploration of artistic manifestations brought about by capturing landscapes nature has to offer. They achieved this through the intertwining of the visual and musical components which can be extracted through scenery.

‘Red Leaves’ is the first track produced from this collaboration. We are introduced to a rich soundscape of crushing leaves, really setting the landscape well, and helping the listener visualise the autumnal scenery. The eerie trickle of vocals effectively portrayed the dark and creepy aspects of autumnal photography. The angle gives the illusion of looking out into the abyss and seeing a fading gradient into darkness. Accompanied by those wispy vocals asking, ‘where are you’? successfully conveyed the mysterious themes of the track.

The diverse soundscape is unique in its ability to really remind the listener of those moments we appreciate in nature. - AIMEE STOKES

The gradual build-up of volume behind the whistling tones gave the illusion of being in the wind, and the attention to artistic detail allowed you to heighten the sensation of it blowing through your hair. Along with those interesting soundscapes are an underlying occurrence of repeating beats, ensuring the musical and catchiness of the track is further solidified.


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