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Em Ly’s 'Sunlight': A Silk-Smooth Indie Pop Tale, Transforming The Standard with Unpredictable Twist

‘Sunlight’ is a fantastic pop track from the cool indie up-and-comer, Em Ly. It takes modern pop and makes it smooth as silk. Silkier than silk (whatever that is). There are frills aplenty, towering spirals of blossom synths and a perfect vocal that will send you to the fantasy lands of soul in a heartbeat. Em Ly makes it all sound so easy, but you can tell that a heck of a lot of work went into every aspect of this song. There are so many layers at any given moment, all designed to push the others up, build the soundstage and get the music flowing. It’s not just a garden of good ideas, it’s a jungle and a fascinating one at that.

Pop thrives in the standard construction of a song. You build, you chorus, second verse, second chorus, bridge, big finish. It’s so standard that it can get a little boring if you listen to hours of music a day like I do. So when someone, namely Em Ly, comes along and sticks to that norm, but bends the rules every step of the way, it is so exciting. You never know which sound is going to come up next, you never truly expect anything. Not only each verse, but each bar of each verse is unique and tells a story. When it all comes together what you have isn’t a song, but a sonic saga. It’s wise, it’s catchy, but best of all, it’s different in a bold and inviting way. Keep taking risks Em Ly, they’re paying off and we all love it!



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