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Dose Of Oxytocin

New York, United States

Credit - @shotbyneena @warpedproductionllc

New York-based #ElionMelody is a "multi-stylistic artist" who uses soft-spoken vocals and super catchy hooks to captivate any audience that presents itself to him. #ElionMelody does so in a way that showcases his vulnerability, something that many people are humbled by. Over the last two years, #ElionMelody has been busy growing a loyal fanbase thus accumulating over 1.25 million Spotify streams through Spotify editorial playlists.

On September 9th 2022, #ElionMelody released his debut EP entitled #DoseofOxytocin, a collection of 5 unique tracks that showcase the artistry of #ElionMelody with confidence. Opening the EP is a track called Cloud No.11 features a collaborative song with fellow artist Padre Tóxico. This song is an absolutely brilliant opening piece! Opening with soulful vocal chops and a whole load of lo-fi brilliance, Cloud No.11 has a feel of a cross between the softness of Khalid with hints of Drake. This is definitely a track to get on repeat! Bask in the Moment continues to ease listeners into a whole lofi R&B mood. Slick electric guitar riffs ride the subtle 808s and main melody to allow for the panning and layered vocals to sit within the piece with ease! The backing vocals and lead vocals correspond like the wind through your soul! The fading guitar solo will have you lost for days! Comfortable comes in to make an appearance just when you're feeling... comfortable? Again, this piece continues to amaze me! Faster spoken word/rap vocals offer something different to the project. This song reminds me of 00s Trey Songz. Damn. I love it! Red Mercedes II offers something slightly heavier in production. The piece opens with the strums of electric guitar, just what was needed to raise the bar further! As a soft emotional guitar melody carries the piece from the background, we hear subtle afro beats bringing a new feel to the piece. The vocals remain dreamy but this time they're backed by a whole different lo-fi feel! I love the way that this showcases the versatility of #ElionMelody without deviating from his distinct vocal style. Concluding the EP is a piece named She Poppin'. Now, this one brings all sorts of nostalgia! The opening vocal chops took me straight into the opening of "Nunya" by Kehlani. I love the way that this piece oozes old-school hip-hop. As the piece develops we're given slick R&B vocal layers along with a production that is similar to Bruno Mars finesse (remix) [feat. Cardi B].

#ElionMelody has absolutely made a killer EP here! He has a real knack for enticing the emotions of his listeners whilst carrying such a perfectly warm feel to each production! If you love good old-school smooth R&B and Hip-Hop then this is definitely an album that you cannot overlook!


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