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Melbourne, Australia

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting down to listen to Australian artist, glu’s recent EP, ‘HOT GLU GUN’. There were so many things to like about this project, so let’s break them down, track by track below.

Starting with his intro track, ‘TWEAKING!’. This intro, rightfully, served as a prelude for things to come later in the project. It was filled with eeriness and portrayed the theme glu intended to carry across the EP. A solid beginning track promising a high degree of anticipation to be carried into the next.

This lead us into ‘WITCHE$’ (feat. 454). This track showed us that glu doesn’t need a great amount of detail in his instrumentals for his sound to be showcased correctly. There are solely minimal effects present in the beat used here, and the focus is absolutely placed on his vocal approach to the track. While the volume of the instrumental is still (as glu intends it to be) obnoxious, it offers so much room for glu to express himself. The outro section on this is pretty clean too.

Next up is ‘VOMIT?’. With this one, much like in the intro, you always get the sense that it is building towards a big drop. With it being placed on an EP, this offers glu an opportunity to be more versatile, which he took accordingly. He didn’t emphasise a huge drop on this track, but always left us with the feeling there could be one.

This continues on the next song on the project, ‘CYANIDEBITCH*’. However, this time, the anticipation is led with much more of a mellow approach. We are in a position now where we are in disarray as to when the drop will come, but knowing there is so much of the EP left to come, it is nice to appreciate the effort glu has put into authenticating our listening experience by adding minor details (full tracks of them, in fact) such as these types of song.

Our anticipation is finally met with the substance we craved on his next track, ‘ONAPILL!’ (feat. MISTA OOF). This collaboration was the setting stone for the whole project, in my opinion. The pair match each other’s energy so well and synergise to create the perfect vibe to begin the closing section of the project. The beat picks up in tempo in comparison to the last, and similarly sees glu pick up his. We are surely in store for a good final two tracks.

‘PIPEDREAMS+’ showcases the evident effort in production out into this EP overall. The pace really begins to pick up now, especially towards the end of this track. The backing effects add loom to what is already a dark and disorientated aura throughout.

We reach the concluding track of the EP, ‘LEMONADE.’ We exit the brunt of the danger zone planted on the project by glu. He stamped his authority on this project and gave a really good impression for how he can set his own scene, offering much versatility in between. The fact we were able to come out of this with the least thing we expected from an artist with this energy, a light hearted track, just shows the unpredictability of him as an artist.

The constant ability of glu to switch up vibes and tempos throughout the course of ‘HOT GLU GUN’ is something that should stand to him going forward. Audiences love to be surprised, and I was certainly surprised by glu on this occasion. Give his EP a listen on Spotify now!



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