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EP REVIEW - LXSTBXY - Good Memories//Bad People



Good Memories//Bad People

Seattle, United States

Seattle, United States #LxstBxy is an independent Multi-genre artist who infuses rock and pop into his signature sound. In his latest EP #GoodMemories//Bad People released in July of this year, we're introduced to his latest 5-track venture. The project opens with a song entitled #Stereo have such a cool vibe to it. This track brings some emo pop/alternative R&B vibes to the ears of listeners. The dream pop vibe of the melody presents itself as a synth guitar and is accompanied by 808s to lift the bass of the track in the hook. The vocals work together nicely to create a chilled-out track. This is done through wavey pop harmonies and the occasional vocal chop along with dreamy adlibs. This song really impressed me and I think it will capture your attention too. #Winter is another great production - edging on dark pop and emo pop, this track reflects on moments past and things that were left unsaid - I really love the way that the production is simplistic enough to allow the lyrics of the track to shine through but effective enough to hold an audience. The hook will get embedded in your mind. This is a solid effort from #LxstBxy. "I've been dreaming of a ghost" immediately made me think of Sad Boy Hip-Hop artist #Phora during its opening. Acoustic guitar strums high and pitched vocals fill the background as the hip-hop drum beat slowly makes its way into the production. As the verses come in, we hear an upbeat production that also relaxes listeners whilst offering the ultimate emotional lyrical confession. This is an artist that has completely captured my attention thoroughly. The song features #FujiFuk who opens up another avenue within the piece. Talks of ghosts will have you reflecting late at night. The penultimate track #Mr.DeadEnd is one of my favourite tracks on the project for its heavy distorted 808s in the hook and the acoustic emotional guitar in the verses. This is a track that hits with hints of #TheKidLaroi, #JuiceWrld, and even #PostMalone. Bringing the EP to a close is a track named #Roleplay. Here we get to hear a slow, R&B/Hip-hop track that whisks listeners into the realm of what it means to be #LxstBxy. The way that the vocals have been layered and mixed fill every aspect of the track perfectly, only to be accompanied by slow percussion and dream pop synths. My concluding thoughts of #LxstBxy and his project "Good Memories//Bad People is that there is a complete niche in the market for his sound, the project is highly professional, memorable, and relatable. I for one will be keeping an eye on the journey of this artist and vouch for his talent and that's why I have decided to include him in our "One's 2 Watch". Simply flawless.



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