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EP REVIEW - T WELL - Average Joe



T WELL - Average Joe

Abilene, United States

Credit - Ju Murray & Margaret Martinez

Fresh out of Abilene, United States Hip-Hop artist #tWell has released his follow-up EP from his 2021 release #UpFromHere... Now back and hungrier than ever #tWell released his latest EP #AverageJoe in June of this year. Taking old-school Hip-Hop and combining it with the new sees #tWell making all the right moves to conquer his craft. The project consists of four unique pieces that last just under 12 minutes in total. Opening the project is a piece titled #OneEighty. In this introductory piece, we get that beautiful old-school vibe - catchy vocal chops, a classic old-school hip-hop drum loop and modern 808s give you something to catch onto. The vocals are great, they're perfectly mixed, the flow is executed perfectly for the type of beat and the lyrics have a lot to tell the audience. As far as opening tracks go, this one has got to be one of my favourites on an EP to date. Perfect. #ReadAllAboutIt takes a deeper and slightly darker turn in instrumentation and production elements. This track opens with an 808 - setting the scene for the piece before introducing those classic 90s/early 00s vibes. This piece is different to the opening track in the sense that it provides listeners with a deeper tone to #tWell. There's a #Drake feel and sound in the vocals here. I love the contrast between the first two tracks - in one sense they're completely different but in another, we get a solid picture of who #tWell is as an artist through the lo-fi generality. #SeatattheThrone brings the flows! on flows on FLOWS. This piece rides on a repetitive lo-fi piece yet doesn't get boring.. rather it is hypnotic in its lo-fi roots allowing the listener to truly listen to the vocal and lyrical content. Once you sit and deeply listen to the lyrics you find yourself piecing together the true identity of this artist. Closing the EP is #FirstofNext and ooo believe me when I say that it is a whole vibe. Returning to the neo-soul/old-school hip-hop vibe that was found in #OneEighty sees this EP do a full circle right back to where things started.

"I would say that #tWell has the depth and production of #Phora that is met with the tone and heavy 808s of #Drake in this project. This is such a great EP - faultless, flawless and a pleasure to listen to! The only thing I can say here is that I want more!"

4 tracks aren't enough for me! I definitely want to hear more from #tWell in the near future! I'll be watching and you should be too! 10/10 if I had to put a number on things!



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