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EP REVIEW - Witte Beer - Fairlight


Witte Beer


Toronto, Canada

Credit - Plastique Famille

#WitteBeer is the electro-pop alias of Jeremy van Leeuwen from Toronto, Canada. On August 24th of this year #WitteBeer released his first ever EP entitled #Fairlight for the world to hear! When talking about his inspiration for the project, #WitteBeer made the following statement.

This three song EP was inspired by the sounds of the Fairlight CMI, which is a vintage sampler known as “the first sampler.” Similar to how the band The Prodigy based their name off the Moog Prodigy synthesizer, a single instrument can be so inspiring that it becomes the focal point and name of the music. - Witte Beer

So here I am, giving you the intel behind the creation! #Fairlight is a three-track project that offers listeners a space-infused mix of electro-pop with a nostalgic twist. Opening with strength is the title track - here we're introduced to a dream pop feel with an emo rap twist. A sad pop-style guitar loop offers listeners a dreamy feel whilst the heavily autotuned vocals take on the realm of emo rap. This is a song that defies all realms and takes its audience for a ride. #Moonbeam keeps to the futuristic dream pop vibe but offers an R&B introduction in the form of classic 90s-era string synths. Of course, the track then makes the transition back into the heavier electropop feel of this artist. This is done through the use of heavy bass to lift the piece in and out for a journey around the stars. Again, we hear a heavily autotuned vocal performance which adds to the futuristic element of #WitteBeer's sound. The final track on this project goes by the name of #TimeTrial. Here we find ourselves introduced to a more techno-influenced production with hints of deep house to make for an electropop anthem. This piece has a different vocal sound that is reminiscent of the heavily reverbed elongated sound of 'The Weeknd' whilst holding onto the artist's own identity. As far as debut projects go, this is a collection of songs that welcome listeners into the early stages of #WitteBeer's artistic journey without giving too much away. The use of only three songs leaves enough room for intrigue yet provides listeners with a solid introduction to the artistic identity of the artist. Upon listening to this project, I felt myself wanting more. I felt left short but equally, I know that this is what makes for hooking a fanbase. This is a good start to the early stages of #WitteBeer's journey and I amongst others will definitely be looking out for his next career moves! So, make sure that you click that Spotify player below to allow yourself to be whisked away into the world of #WitteBeer.



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