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Experience the Heartfelt Journey of Alex Krawczyk's Latest Single: Rhythm of the Road

Country folk blues is soft to the touch if performed with feeling. The genre conveys so much heart, so much solitude. All of these wonderful things are true about Alex Krawczyk’s latest single, ‘Rhythm of the Road.’ The guitar begins with heartfelt chords, plucked and strummed in the warm summer breeze. The beat picks up in the back, just off the ground. Blades of grass skim it as it floats above. The bass is thick like caramel, it takes the shape, conforms with resistance, it meets the needs of the vocal which shines as bright as it likes. Clear, honest and tonal, Alex Krawczyk bursts through the glow with a melody that will hold you close. The song swells for the chorus and sighs back into the verse.

‘Rhythm of the Road’ goes on a cathartic journey and takes you along for the ride. It’s vivid, blue and oh-so-sweet. Honey iced tea on the evening of a storm.



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