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I'm A Libra

Rincón, Puerto Rico

Credit - Tsuru Goto

Feliciano is a singer-songwriter from Rincon, Puerto Rico who has been making music since 2019. His recently released “City Pop song” entitled ‘I'm a Libra’ will have listeners firmly grasped in the magnetic hand of the planets with its retro feel 80’s Japanese inspirations and love fuelled lyricism. Speaking of lyrics, this is a tale of a crush. In this storytelling experience, the metaphysical meets the physical through conceptualising how it feels when you first meet somebody that you romantically connect with and feel scared yet hopefully in the same sweep of the brush.

Taking influence from an array of synth rock/Dream pop artists such as Coldplay and The Killers, through to the gritty underground indie of the Arctic Monkeys, Feliciano has always felt compelled to create from a young age but through alternative avenues such as comedy.

Feliciano made the transition into music upon intuition after hearing Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ where he realised the power of music as a way to evoke emotion. This comes to light in ‘I’m a Libra’ through the 80s-inspired basslines and choppy melodics. The vocals do not appear where you would expect them to based on similar productions but when they do, I was impressed by the way that the vocals juxtaposed the production style. An almost carbon copy of Brandon Flowers is found in these vocals – wow. Distant, reverbed and distinguished.

Feliciano has set the bar high with ‘I’m a Libra’ and I’m sure 2023 has a lot written in the stars for his artistic prosperity. One2Watch for definite.


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