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FILMM - Make Believe Penitentiary - LATEST RELEASE


Make Believe Penitentiary

Bristol, United Kingdom

Filmm has released a music masterpiece with his latest single ‘Make Believe Penitentiary’ and even the song title is incredibly intriguing! Filmm’s sound holds Indie – Rock sensibilities with classic Pop features making this a super infectious tune, the intro of the song is truly captivating with a fascinating build-up of instruments and gorgeous harmonies working together making an intense and intriguing start. The song starts with a devilishly distorted electric guitar riff with soft keyboard notes before the drums come in with a light and steady beat that pairs perfectly with the low register harmonies, that gives us a soft yet catchy vocal hook. The vocals are distinctive and absolutely divine, with a crystal clear and impressive vocal range that expresses a story-telling and incredibly descriptive lyrics. The bass creates a soft bounce through the entirety of the song as the drums set the pace of the song lightly balancing between a smooth and steady versus and building up for the passionate chorus. The guitar riffs are flawless throughout this track giving us an edgy riff and a fantastic solo contrasting the light-hearted keyboard notes, creating quite a mysterious sound that emphasises the mystery in the lyrics and haunting harmonies.

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