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FLEAS - Nightmare (Reissue)


Nightmare (Reissue)

Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom

Credit - Ana Binks

That alternative indie punk sound has got legs. It's strutting its stuff and I am so glad about it. If you’re looking for some of the best sounds that alternative punk rock has to offer, then you needn’t look further than Fleas. Their latest release, ‘Nightmare (Reissue),’ is a powerful example of the emotion that can shine from punk. The riff it's built on is simple and catchy as all heck. The vocals hold their character like an Oscar winner as the instrumental swells around them. Rumbling bass, clashing cymbals, manic guitar and screaming lyrics. Everything you need for an unforgettable punk chorus. It's unapologetic, and because of that, it's perfect.

‘Nightmare (Reissue)’ is exactly that, a rerelease of an older single from Fleas. It's how the song should have sounded, it's grittier, punchier. The vocals have more weight and everyone is smashing their instruments with righteous power. Alternative punk bands have a new bar to meet. Fleas are gunning it hard and fast and there’s no stopping them now.


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