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A Deep Dive into "Lucid Luv" - The New Downtempo R&B Hit by Fletcher Reed & Bryonii

"Lucid Luv" is an immersive, multi-dimensional experience.

Cover art of 'Lucid Luv' by Fletcher Reed featuring Bryonii, displaying an ethereal, moonlit landscape.

From multi-instrumentalist Fletcher Reed and emotive vocalist Bryonii comes the enchanting new single "Lucid Luv." This downtempo R&B number has been receiving rapturous applause from both fans and critics alike, signaling a promising future for the artists. Here's why this song and its creators are worth your attention.

A Harmonious Blend of Genres

Fletcher Reed's experience in producing high-quality music has fully blossomed in "Lucid Luv," a track that seamlessly blends elements of loungey trip-hop, bedroom pop, and R&B. The addition of Bryonii's voice elevates the song to new emotional and auditory heights, making it more than just another R&B track—it's a narrative, a daydream, and a soulful meditation rolled into one.

Fletcher Reed captured

The Man Behind the Moniker: Fletcher Reed

Known by the pseudonym Fletcher Reed, Andrew Smith's musical journey began at a young age. His nomadic life of travelling across continents has had a profound influence on his artistic vision, and "Lucid Luv" is a testament to that. But this track isn't just a result of his life experiences; it's a new chapter. With this latest single, Reed is also announcing his first vocal EP set to drop this winter—a departure from his previous instrumental work.

Bryonii: A Vocalist Worth Watching

Bryonii isn't just a featured artist; she is a force of nature. Recognised by BBC Introducing and voted into TWEEGMA's 100 Best Electronic Albums of 2020, she has earned her reputation as an emotive and stylistic vocalist. Her partnership with Fletcher Reed isn't just a feature; it's a harmonious collaboration that adds depth and context to "Lucid Luv."

Bryonii poses elegantly in a promotional photo

What the Future Holds

With "Lucid Luv" setting the pace, the stakes are high for Fletcher Reed's upcoming vocal EP. If the single serves as any indicator, fans and newcomers alike can anticipate an evocative experience that strays from the beaten path of traditional R&B.

A Listening Experience Like No Other

"Lucid Luv" isn't just meant to be heard; it's meant to be experienced. It's a love letter to the listeners who yearn for music that speaks to the soul and invokes imagery that transcends the mundane. From its captivating rhythm to its nuanced vocalisation, the track offers a multi-dimensional experience.

To say that "Lucid Luv" is a game-changer would be an understatement. It's a genre-defying track that has set the bar high not just for Fletcher Reed and Bryonii, but for the downtempo R&B genre as a whole. And as we wait with bated breath for Reed's upcoming vocal EP, one thing is clear: if it's anything like "Lucid Luv," it will be well worth the wait.


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