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Forrest Funk's "Run It" Delivers a Powerful Fusion of Jazz, Reggae, and Groove

Forrest Funk is back with a hard-hitting single, ‘Run It.’ It vibrates with energy as soon as you hit play. The bass dips down below you and shakes the ground awake. The light falters and the world spins, everything seems normal until the melody kicks in. It’s got a groove, a swing. There are influences from jazz and reggae, there is a flow to the music, one that connects to something larger than itself, something greater. There is a colour in the song that glows with the most beautiful light.

‘Run It’ hits hard with the beat. It’s not only a gorgeous song, it’s a tough one. It shapes up and hits the ground hard. The production means business and the melody hooks you with an inescapable grip. Forrest Funk continues to amplify the sounds that they produce, creating tracks that will stick in your psyche for days on end. A true masterclass in the blending of disciplines and melodies. I strongly suggest you ‘Run It.’

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