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Frank Joshua's 'Wonderful You': A Heartrending Journey Through Dream Pop

Frank Joshua, the remarkable London-based singer-songwriter, is back with his 26th release since December 2020, "Wonderful You." This track is a poignant exploration of heartbreak, showcasing Joshua's traditional Dream Pop sensibilities and his ability to create deeply emotive music.

"Wonderful You" is aching and edgy, throwing shade at the heart as it slowly breaks. Joshua's skillful use of a skiffle backbeat moves us along beautifully, but the undercurrent of pain is ever-present. This is smarting, tender pain, rendered in exquisite detail through Joshua's masterful songwriting.

The song's middle eight is signaled by the crack of the permafrost, a sound that resonates with the emptiness we all know too well. Joshua seems to know exactly what he's doing as he thrusts his ice pick deep into the wound, creating a raw and visceral listening experience.

Despite the heartrending subject matter, "Wonderful You" maintains the high quality we've come to expect from Frank Joshua. His ability to weave complex emotions into his music, while still retaining a catchy and engaging sound, is truly commendable.

"Wonderful You" is a testament to Joshua's talent as a songwriter and his ability to tap into universal human experiences. This track is sure to resonate with listeners, offering a cathartic exploration of heartbreak that is both deeply personal and universally relatable.

If you're a fan of Dream Pop or just appreciate well-crafted music that doesn't shy away from exploring the complexities of the human heart, then "Wonderful You" by Frank Joshua is a must-listen.


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