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FRESH & FINE - KITTY RAE - Swim With Sharks


Swim With Sharks

Melbourne, Australia

Artist: KITTY RAE Release Title: Swim With Sharks Location: Melbourne, Australia Release Date: 14/10/22

Dark electro-pop artist Kitty Rae is an emerging artist from Australia who has high hopes of becoming a music icon. Her new single "Swim with Sharks" aims to leave listeners feeling empowered and ready to jump into unknown waters.

Written by the artist herself, the track takes inspiration from her experience of moving from her country hometown to the city after finishing school - Something that the artist describes as feeling as though she was "dropped in the middle of the ocean without a life ring."

Describing the song’s essence, Kitty Rae explains... ‘when people glorify a shark mentality, it’s easy to mistake vulnerability for weakness.” and that...

“It's not about being a shark - it's about learning to swim with them.”- KITTY RAE

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