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From Wipeout to Revelation: Ipe's 'Lapse' Marks a New Direction in Electronic Pop

The evocative cover art of 'Lapse,' capturing the emotional depth of the song
Dive deep into the transformative experience behind Ipe's new single, "Lapse," and how it signifies a pivotal point in his artistic journey.

Introduction: The Genesis of Ipe

Ipe (pronounced "ee-pay") is the epitome of a multicultural, multifaceted musician. A solo project by Luiz Felipe Ramos, Ipe draws inspiration from a wide array of genres, ranging from Jazz and Soul to Contemporary R&B. But what happens when a personal life event, as gripping as almost drowning, becomes the nucleus of a song? You get "Lapse," a deeply reflective and musically daring piece.

The Story Behind "Lapse"

"Lapse" is no ordinary single; it's a life lesson encapsulated in music. Drawing from a harrowing experience when he almost drowned at the age of 15, Ipe has crafted a song that is both hauntingly personal and universally relatable. It speaks to the trials we all face, reminding us that even when we underestimate the depth of our challenges, the human spirit is indomitable.

A Turn Towards the Electronic

Musically, "Lapse" signifies a new phase for Ipe. The song marks the artist's foray into a more electronic direction. From its synthesizer textures to its atmospheric sounds, "Lapse" gives us a tantalizing preview of what's to come in Ipe's evolving sonic landscape.

Navigating Through Highs and Lows: A Personal Perspective

In Ipe's own words, "The self-reflective lyrics are also a metaphor relating to the experience of uncertainty and going through difficult times. We're not always at our best, and we all have our lows."

Ipe, the multifaceted musician behind the reflective single 'Lapse.'

From Brazil to Chicago: The Artist’s Journey

Ipe's music is a reflection of his life journey, one that took him from Rio de Janeiro to Chicago via the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Each stop has contributed to his rich, funk-grooved sound, and "Lapse" is the culmination of these diverse musical influences.

Conclusion: Why "Lapse" Is a Must-Listen

"Lapse" is more than just a song; it's a narrative of resilience and transformation. It challenges us to embrace our vulnerabilities and use them as a stepping stone for growth, all while treating us to a sublime auditory experience.


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