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Change Your Mood

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Gabrielle Sofia’s new single ‘Change Your Mood’ is the perfect track for any pop lovers out there! The rich soundscapes, with incorporations of funky beats and elements of pop synth, create the musicality of the track to be entirely infectious, leaving the song stuck in your head for days. This theme is also present in the vocals, adding various repetitions and pitches to really highlight the chorus through the line ‘Change Your Mood’. It is this experimentation of different deliveries and musical choices, in the chorus section in particular, which elevated the infectious nature of the song. I can see this track being perfect in a club setting, where the clever musicality and intricate beats can be fully appreciated by a group of people ready to fully engage and appreciate the uplifting spirit given to us in ‘Change Your Mood’

Gabrielle has a talent for incorporating traditional pop elements and styles in her music, yet still shaping her own identity and artistic expression, which sets her aside from other artists in the same field. I look forward to hearing her next release!


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