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Garland Kelley's 'Give It All Away': A Vibrant Blend of Indie Genres That Redefines Rock

Garland Kelley’s ‘Give It All Away’ mixes many indie genres together to create a labyrinthian web of tones and legendary sounds. The smooth bass lets us in as the guitar begins to rile up in the lows. The percussion kicks it out of there. At first, it hits us hard and fast, but it soon slows to a funky jam and mellows out the sun. The vocals step out of the haze. They are confident and in control at all times, creating winding melodies for the bass to follow and leaving gaps for the guitars to do their thing. At the precipice all is glowing and showers you with glorious warmth.

A song like ‘Give It All Away’ has to be listened to. It’s a game-changer. The converging vibes mix so well that they redefine what rock can be for me. Rock can be funky, it can be smooth and it can sit in the sun sipping sarsaparilla. Or is it that funk can be rocky if it wants to be? Whatever you deem it, and whatever it likes to be called — the truth is that this is Garland Kelley and that’s what’s important here. ‘Give It All Away’ is bright, vibrant, and holds at its core a rock fuelled funk tornado that is just dying to get out. Brilliant and all-encompassing. A true talent at work.



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