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Looking Up To Heaven

Mumbai, India

‘Looking Up To Heaven’ is a heartbreaking song about love and loss from Glenn Valles. It's a country song at its heart, it flows and shimmers with that same warming quality. But in the back lies a power that comes from pop ballads and warm rounded blues. It's supercharged country, and it allows Glenn Valles to push the message of the song even harder.

The composition is simple. A piano and a vocal. And it can be simple because the performance from both is breathtaking. The piano is massive and whole. It sits in the air like a cloud, its chords and melody patterns blending into one massive sound that takes over your vision. All you can see now is that vocal, proud and strong in its harmonies. It wrenches at your heartstrings with baffling highs and soul-rending lows. The result is a song that makes you smile at the start and cry at the end.

Country is a mixed bag that gets a bad rap. Glenn Valles is showing us that country can still push emotion as hard as any other genre. You’ve just got to want to make great music. And if there’s anything ‘Looking Up To Heaven’ tells me about Glenn Valles, it’s that he loves great music.



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