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Will I Be Cool

Chicago, United States

Golden Richards ‘Will I Be Cool’ is a naughties rock blast from the past. The song puts attitude and melody front and centre and the Golden Richards do it with ease, creating a song that is not only worth a bop and a jive but also a proper listen. The lyrics do not hold back or fall into obscurity, throwing meaningless metaphors left and right no. They tell a story and they hook you in regardless. ‘Will I Be Cool’ feels so perfect that it's criminal that this song hasn’t hit the billboards yet.

The song opens with a great guitar tone and drum pairing that is only sweetened when the vocals jump in. Full of energy and angst the vocals contrast the sharp instrumental, add a bass line that rounds the whole show out and you get a well-blended sonic soup that any rocker would be happy to bowl for. The synth adds so much to the song without making it needlessly complicated and the build-into the chorus is amazing at making that chorus feel as big as the sun. It’s catchy, it’s fast and it’s full of tones and textures that should never have left the scene.

Mix Blink 182 with the musicality and songwriting principles of the Foo Fighters and you’re on the Richards, the Golden Richards. ‘Will I Be Cool’ deserves as much praise as we can get behind it. Get this tune on the radio! - FREDDIE MCKEE

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