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GrooveGalore Muzik Unleashes 'Night By Night [Josh Gold Remix]' - A Reggae-Rock Fusion

Montego Bay's GrooveGalore Muzik, in collaboration with Valentino Music & KasticK, revitalizes a classic with 'Night By Night [Josh Gold Remix],' bridging genres and generations.

GrooveGalore Muzik, spearheaded by the multifaceted musician and producer Paul KasticK, is excited to announce the release of the 'Night By Night [Josh Gold Remix].' This innovative rendition breathes new life into the Steely Dan classic, skillfully blending elements of reggae, rock, and EDM. Featured on the upcoming 'My Reggae Rockin’ Journey Vol: 1,' this track symbolizes a creative synthesis that is poised to captivate listeners worldwide.

'Night By Night,' originally penned by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker for Steely Dan's 'Pretzel Logic' album, receives a transformative touch from GrooveGalore Muzik and the electronic flair of Josh Gold. The remix seamlessly marries the original's rock roots with a reggae heartbeat, further enriched by KasticK's vocals and Rudy Valentino, Jr.'s guitar prowess.

You won't want to turn this off - it's one of those songs that shines like Summer and lifts your mood away from the mundane autopilot of everyday life and into the clear sky. Guitar riffs bring in Carlos Santana vibes, and the true bliss of Reggae brings every bit of happiness to the forefront. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this release. It will never get boring. In fact, this is going straight into our Ones2Watch. What a sound.

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Paul KasticK, known for his dynamic contributions to the reggae scene and collaborations with icons like Big Mountain and Maxi Priest, showcases his versatile artistry and passion for rock through this project. 'Night By Night [Josh Gold Remix]' stands as a testament to GrooveGalore Muzik's ability to forge new sonic landscapes, promising to be a treasure for both new listeners and long-time fans of the original.

The 'My Reggae Rockin’ Journey Vol: 1' project, set to release under the NativeXamaycan Entertainment Label, promises 14 tracks of reggae-infused rock covers. With 'Night By Night [Josh Gold Remix]' leading the charge, GrooveGalore Muzik is set to redefine musical boundaries.

So go ahead, jump into the innovative world of GrooveGalore Muzik with 'Night By Night [Josh Gold Remix].' Celebrate the timeless appeal of classic rock and embrace the rich cultural fusion of reggae and the vibrant energy of EDM. This is a musical journey that spans genres and eras, it's a must-listen for those seeking to experience the fusion of tradition and innovation.

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