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The Fall


Something special happens when artists make the decision to try something new – sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t but one thing’s for sure, and that’s that it’s always worth the try when you feel a calling. Italian artist Gy0 has done just that. Having released a new single only a few days ago, we get to hear the first instalment of his new transition. ‘The Fall’ is a song that was inspired by Dub, UK Garage and all things the early 2000s.

Dark and gloomy, painful and melancholy, ‘The Fall’ is as it says it is. Opening with a haunting demonic spoken statement, I felt as though I was pulled into a scene from a Saw movie – both scared and intrigued I allowed myself to be swept into the darkness of this production.

There’s a lot going on within the stems of each layer to provide an industrial, dark-wave collection of interesting sounds. Instrumental by nature, instrumental by redefinition for this artist.

I like the way that the instrumental sells itself, as a story of a fall into the darkness of the mind.



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