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Headline: 'Crossbone' by Joshua Ketchmark - An Emotional, Bluesy Masterpiece That Swings and Sways

‘Crossbone’ from Joshua Ketchmark is a bluesy tune that swings into soul and comes out dripping with emotion. The push and pull of the melody is to die for. The textures that flow from the guitars and the bass make you swoon in that classic bluesy way. And that’s all before the vocals come into play. They cross the stage with humble confidence and sing with passion. The melodies that come from Joshua Ketchmark always catch me off guard and ‘Crossbone’ was no different. The lyrics push with the highs and drop with the lows, keeping you on your guard but always open for more. When the chorus comes around and they line up with the beat, it’s all you can do to keep yourself from smiling that same ol’ blues smile.

Lights, colours and feeling. Joshua Ketchmark has mastered all three aspects of brilliant blues music and all of them come together to great effect in ‘Crossbone.’ It’s a true modern blues staple you need to listen to. While you’re there, check out the rest of Joshua Ketchmark’s discography. It’s all golden and it’s all worth its salt. Fantastic.


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