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The Blaze Of Glory

Budapest, Hungary

Welcome to the rapturous sound of the best metal band you’ve never heard of… until now. Heedless Elegance are a metal music powerhouse straight out of Budapest and they truly bring the heat in, ‘The Blaze of Glory’ off of their latest LP ‘Libra’. It's a masterful blend of tones, textures and monstrous vocals. Heedless Elegance sounds as if they’ve been playing stadiums their entire collective lives, their song construction is creative and keeps you on your toes and the eastern influence in the melodies strikes a chord that runs all the way down to your heavy metal core. Also, the screaming is sublime, rich, and whole with lots of character.

The song starts with those vocals, they come in soft and talk in your ears, close, personal. The chug of guitar and bass begins and you can feel the pressure rising. The guitar breaks away for a frill and we’re in the thick of it. Notable for an up-and-coming metal band is the sound stage. It’s huge. A fair few metal bands feel as if they are all crammed in a sardine can when they start out, the sound is squeezed so tight it loses its humanity. Not here though. ‘The Blaze of Glory’ runs far out, left and right, up and down and the scale of the sounds is simply impressive. Add to that the guitar riff in the chorus, the splendid bass and the ripping drums that hit harder than a 16-wheeler, and you’ve got a rock band, my friend.

Put on your best headphones for this track, or blast it out of your best speakers. The instrumental separation deserves the time and effort, it gives so much more than it gets. Check out ‘Libra’ for even more metal madness from the soon-to-be heroes, Heedless Elegance.


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