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HIGGS FIELD - Us Forever


Us Forever

Mount Gambier, Australia

Credit - Emily Cook, LCCN, Deb Kloeden.

Higgs Field are a band that knows how to rock. They play their tracks to the breaking point, strings shining in the spotlights as sweat flings from their hair. Their latest single, ‘Us Forever,’ is no different. It's a powerful alternative rock sound that bleeds into metal for emphasis. The melody is smooth, slick with the blues. When the beat kicks in it's heavy and diverse, it keeps you on your toes, never turning the same way twice. The guitars and bass twin together through the thick, fast sound, arriving dutifully at the feet of the vocals which power through the single. It's loud, free, clear and gritty. The tone and clarity that zooms from ‘Us Forever’ knows no fear. It is proud and well-defined. A through and through rock hit.

Alternative sounds work well with metal. The vocals dip into screams, the bass sharpens up as the guitars turn to sludge. The sound that comes out of Higgs Field is as interesting and complex as the name suggests. ‘Us Forever,’ well I certainly hope so.


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