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HORIZONTE LIED - Destello Inmortal [Remastered Edition] - SINGLE REVIEW


Destello Inmortal [Remastered Edition]

Monterrey, Mexico

Credit - Bernardo Garza / Horizonte Lied

Horizonte Lied from Monterrey, Mexico impresses lovers of synth-pop with their remastered edition of ‘Destello Immortal’. Once released as their debut, this remastered version brings a new take on a classic. This project is part of a wider one, marking the 7th release from their ‘Final Resmasters’ project.

‘Destello Immortal’ is a release which is highly vibrant yet full of dark synth-pop in a swirl of juxtaposed layers. The lyrics speak of the mix of feelings when in love – from the confused to the excited as we explore a path of uncertainty.

In a statement of experimentalism, ‘Destello Immortal’ solders a post-punk vocal with 80s-inspired synths to offer listeners a sound that is rarely heard of.

Released via SynthpopYourWorld Records, Horizonte Lied has a lot more on the horizon for us in the near future. So, keep an eye out for more after checking out this track below!



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