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Ido Piliba's 'Loneliness': A Symphony of Soul-Stirring Melodies and Heartfelt Harmony

‘Loneliness’ from Ido Piliba is a single that showcases his massive musical talent. The song plays with classical acoustic techniques mixed with modern percussion and mastering flavours. The result is a sound that I fell in love with right away, there is so much to explore and so much to uncover, but the meat of it all is that melody and how it connects to your soul. The bass is deep and rich, just on the edge of pushing everything out of the water, but it never gets there. Instead, it works as a foundation for the guitar and vocal layers overhead. They climb, they entwine and eventually, they burst into a cascading chorus full of fantastic harmonic pairs and an amazing chord progression.

I really haven’t heard anything like Ido Piliba before, and I am smitten. With an album out now, there are so many sounds for you to go and discover and so many melodies to adore. ‘Loneliness’ is a true song from the heart and you can feel that. It comes out in the style, in the playing, and in the rich textures of Ido Piliba’s vocals. A modern classic, and one I will remember for a very long time.



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