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In Love


Self-described 'audiovisual electronic duo' ILLUZIONS brings the love in their release 'In Love'. The pair released the track on July 16th after fusing their thoughts together from separate parts of the globe.

So, who are ILLUZIONS? Bayla G and Felium are the brains behind this belter of a deep house release. Bayla G is a singer/songwriter, producer, and audiovisual artist from the US who currently resides in Miami. Her indie/acoustic background hasn't stopped her thirst to create spellbinding electronic music as heard in this production. Felium is an electronic audiovisual producer and DJ from Spain, currently living in Miami who explores the soundscapes of electronic music whilst capturing the attention of DJs and multiple labels. Together, the tag team that are known as ILLUZIONS are proving to be an unstopable pair.

Through the release that is 'In Love', this team offer listeners a melodic driven deep house anthem with seriously catchy synths and entrancing layered vocals. The hook is super catchy, making listeners want to return for more! The lyrics, relatable and relevant to the feeling of the need for intimacy and the feeling of isolation.

The kick and hi hats lift the energy of the listener whilst the lyrics prove to be thought provoking. One thing that really stands out in this production is the break between high energy EDM to allow for the inclusion of an equally electrifying yet reverbed electric guitar solo. A VERY UNIQUE touch which pays off!

This is brilliant! Give it a listen and see what you think!


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