Down With The Miracles

Nantes, France

Insane Blue has delivered a heartfelt and huge single with, ‘Down with the Miracle’. The song feels expansive and modern, bringing together spacey synth and crunchy guitar to create a feeling of isolation among the crowd. ‘Down with the Miracle’ takes inspiration from dark synth and modern pop sounds, while not leaning heavily on either one leaving room for Insane Blue to push this niche of their own design. A sound that flows from hopeless to hopeful when you move from verse to chorus, a sound that can feel enormous and personal and a sound that feels like it belongs in your library no matter what.

‘Down with the Miracle’ begins with solo drums, and the textures bounce off the walls. It feels small, homely, like a demo tape. Then an oscillating guitar tone brings in the vocals and opens the song up to a whole other world. The walls that echoed the drums are pushed miles away and we are thrown into the ether. Vocal harmonies foretell the coming of a beefy guitar part that wrenches the song onward toward greater and greater expanses. Never does the vocal get drowned out. It floats steadily atop the impossible waters with eerie consistency. Although the song is experimental in its composition and instrumental, it remains melodic. Insane Blue has not lost the song in the sound, meaning that not only is

‘Down with the Miracle’ is a song to explore, but it's also one to sway to. A brilliant single, through and through. - FREDDIE MCKEE