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'Island' by onedaybear - A Stunning Fusion of Post-Pop, Shoegaze and Soft Rock

‘Island’ is a track from onedaybear that focuses on the beats and feelings of post-pop and blends them into shoegaze and soft rock. It’s an experimental sound and one that works wonders. The instrumental is chipper, beating out rhythms with rapidity and focusing on the rise and fall of the vocal. Once in line, the song charges up a gust of sound and switches it up. The world falls around us and we are thrust into the colourful chaos of onedaybear. But once we enter the swirling pool of colour, we realise there is order to the chaos. We find the swing of things and once you feel it in your chest, the song opens up a whole other world.

onedaybear’s ‘Island’ is a deeper song than it lets on. The light punctures through the harmonies of the chorus, deep into the root of the song and finds utter beauty there. A new-world pop track that you absolutely have to get your ears around. Stunning.



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