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JADE MOEDE - Enjoy The Ride


Enjoy The Ride

Cotuit, United States

You know by now that I love the weird and wonderful who’s who of music. Those artists who make music from the core, they’re not following any rulebooks and they’re not trying to impress you, they’re just sharing a sound. Jade Moede is one such artist making music the way music should be made, and their latest single, ‘Enjoy The Ride,’ is a classic blues number that oozes good vibes from its core. Acoustic guitar rattles up front, a kick drum sits in the back. Together they carve the channels of melody for the vocals to flow down, and they do so, leisurely, and with tonnes of character. Jade Moede has a voice not unlike Jagger mixed with a hint of Bowie. It's gritty, it's flamboyant and it’s a hell of a great sound to listen to.

‘Enjoy The Ride.’ I certainly did. Acoustic music can go so far. May say that if a song doesn’t sound good acoustically it doesn’t sound good at all. Well, let me tell you, ‘Enjoy The Ride’ sounds fantastic.



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