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Jakliu's 'Far': A Journey of Self-Reflection Through Instrumental Indie Lo-Fi

Jakliu’s ‘Far’ is an instrumental track that slips into the indie lo-fi genre to tell a story. A story of heartwarming proportions that everyone can align with. Or maybe it’s heartbreaking. Or maybe it is simply sad, a song of loss. What Jakliu has presented with ‘Far’ is an emotional framework. As a song, it is wonderful to listen to. The melodies climb and fall, sitting in harmonies that you never see coming and sending all of your expectations shattering through a plate glass window. The beat picks up and soon the song is spinning around you, colouring the world purple with elegance and grace. But there is more to all art than at first meets the eye.

The more you dig, the more you have questions. The deeper you go, you find that those questions are pointed towards yourself. ‘Far’ is a framework for self-reflection, self-healing and self-love. The nature of instrumental music is that you can take it to mean whatever you like. The nature of amazing instrumental music is that it means everything, all at once.


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