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Jamie Black's 'Reborn': A Drum & Bass Odyssey into Self-Discovery

Cover Art for 'Reborn': The cover art for Jamie Black's 'Reborn'
Cover Art for 'Reborn': The cover art for Jamie Black's 'Reborn'
Embark on an electrifying journey with Jamie Black's 'Reborn,' a debut drum & bass track that fuses pulsating beats with profound self-revelation.

In the pulsating world of drum & bass, Jamie Black's debut track 'Reborn' emerges as a beacon of energy and introspection. Released on January 19, 2024, this track marks a bold transition for Jamie who is an award-winning songwriter. Known for his rock roots and now venturing into the realms of EDM and dance, the artistry of Jamie Black has developed to new eras and new heights.

'Reborn' is an upbeat dance track with the narrative of self-exploration and transformation. With unmistakable vocal tones, gritty and impactful, the blend of rock-influenced vocals and a blend of speedy and infectious drum programming along with almost ballad-style melodies, Jamie invites listeners to embrace the journey of getting lost, for it is in those moments that we uncover facets of ourselves previously uncharted. The lyrics are consumed by depth, the single encapsulates the essence of self-revelation, turning confusion into clarity and celebrating the unpredictable dance with the unknown.

True to Jamie Black's versatility and his ability to craft music that resonates on a profound level, listeners can expect something bold from this release. Having won the UK songwriting contest in 2022 and with his music featured in TV & Film globally, Jamie's foray into drum & bass is a genre switch and a marker of his artistic evolution.

As 'Reborn' reverberates through speakers and headphones, listeners are invited to join Jamie on this odyssey of rhythm and revelation. With plans to release nine tracks throughout 2024, Jamie Black is an artist to watch, making it into our very own Ones2Watch.

So, where does that leave us then? Well, for now let 'Reborn' be the soundtrack to your own journey of discovery. Let the beats guide you, the lyrics inspire you, and the journey transform you. This is Jamie Black, and this is drum & bass reborn.

Genre: Pop Drum & Bass, EDM, Vocal Dance/EDM

Mood: Uplifting, Energetic, Introspective, Empowering

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