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Jeremy Johnson Unveils New Single "Sunny Above The Clouds" - A Feel-Good Summer Anthem

Updated: May 30

Dive into Jeremy Johnson's uplifting new single "Sunny Above The Clouds," featuring funk, jazz, and soul influences, with special guests Charlie Gregory and Marije De Vries.

Jeremy Johnson, the talented singer-songwriter from Evesham, UK, is back with a new single, "Sunny Above The Clouds." This marks his first solo release since 2022, following his recent work with the bands Pinfeather and Mongrel. The track is a summery pop song infused with elements of funk, jazz, and soul, delivering a positive message about overcoming negativity and recognizing the brighter side of life.

A Fresh Sound and Stellar Collaborations

"Sunny Above The Clouds" features the rhythmic drumming of social media sensation Charlie Gregory and the soulful vocals of Dutch singer-songwriter Marije De Vries. Jeremy Johnson handles all other instrumentation, engineering, mixing, and mastering, showcasing his multifaceted talent. This track is the first in a series of songs set for release in 2024, leading up to a full album in early 2025.

Background and Musical Journey

Jeremy Johnson's musical journey has been one of dedication and resilience. After leaving his corporate job in 2018, he converted a green transit van and busked across Europe, embracing his passion for music. His earlier works garnered attention from BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 6, leading to performances at notable events like the Hay Festival and support slots for artists such as The Feeling and Ben Ottewell (Gomez).

During the pandemic, Johnson established his own record label, Triplane Records, and expanded his collaborative efforts with Pinfeather and Mongrel. His solo album "Into The After" further solidified his reputation as a producer and performer, leading to over 300 live shows in the post-pandemic years.

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A New Chapter with "Sunny Above The Clouds"

2024 promises to be a landmark year for Johnson, with "Sunny Above The Clouds" leading the way. This track signals a shift from his traditional melancholic style to a more upbeat and collaborative approach. The upcoming releases and extensive UK and European tour, including dates at The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham and Folklore in London, highlight his evolving sound and growing ambitions.


Jeremy Johnson's "Sunny Above The Clouds" is a feel-good anthem perfect for summer, blending funk, jazz, and soul with a positive message. This track marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Johnson's musical journey, promising more inspiring music and performances in the months to come.

Genres: Alternative Pop, Funk, Neo-Soul, Folk Pop, Pop, Contemporary Soul, Soul

Mood: Relaxing, Uplifting, Feel-Good, Inspirational

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