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Flesh And Bone

Leven, Fife, United Kingdom

Credit - Eleanor Hickey

‘FLESH AND BONE’ is the debut single from the soon-to-be Scottish icon, Jodie Elizabeth King. Crossing modern pop with folk music and classical Scottish tones has led to a distinctive and intoxicating sound that I can't get enough of. The instrumental is spacey making great use of textures and vibrant colours. The piano soars above the rest with bouts of single keys or chords. Below it all plays the guitar, strumming solemnly in the rain. Jodie Elizabeth King’s vocals sing out, smooth, blissful and warm. It reminds me of early James Blunt, those woeful ballads, sung with passion to a simple backing. ‘FLESH AND BONE’ take this one step further, implementing drones and pulses from woodwinds and strings. It is ethereal.

The song starts smooth, growing from a bud. It layers its sounds on top of the vocals, forcing them to punch through harder and harder each time. A piano, another guitar, bassing drones, tambourine, strings, woodwind, the vocals punch through it all in sublime crystal clarity. The lyrics are solemn and fit the tone in wonderous form creating a dark lagoon of emotion that we are slowly submerged in. Up to our necks, then chin, then, as it goes over our ears, the song begins to crash and all of the sounds mount one final pleading assault.

A cacophony of texture and emotion in the dark. ‘FLESH AND BONE’ is a standout song from an artist who has the world before them, ready and willing to heed their musical call. Unreal. - FREDDIE MCKE

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